Thursday, February 26, 2009


As I'm sitting here trying to write my blog today, my cat Chance has been attacking my hand and sitting on my mouse so I’d pay attention to him. He is in his make shift cubbyhole right now watching me.(My computer desk drawer taken out.) He has been next to me ever since I got home and was not happy that I left for dinner w/ my mom. I got home today around noon. I stayed an extra couple of days, at that rate who wouldn’t. I wanted to go to NYC on wed but when I started to put everything together it became another vacation so next month I’m taking a train w/ my sister and spending a day there. It will be spring and the trees will be in full bloom - my favorite time of the year. I also was able to attend/ visit another messianic congregation - Beth Israel. I belong to their ministry called Hope of the World. It was really cool. It felt like home. I went on Friday night and Sunday morning. It was nice having a lot of alone time with Abba and myself. It was definitely a good vacation. Now for the rest of my vac, I’ll be home perfecting my chili for the contest Saturday.

Monday, February 16, 2009

"a much needed vacation"

This friday and all of next week I will be taking a much needed vacation. I will be going to New Jersey from friday to tues and the rest of the week I’ll recoup at home. I will be only 2 hours away but to me that is far enough. My sister Cherie gave me an email several months ago on "Upstate New Yorkers" - If "Vacation" means going anywhere south of Albany for the weekend, you may live in upstate New York. Ha ha very funny Cherie at least I’m out of the state this time. The other times I was out of state was my football games. I played in Canada, Mass, Maine, New Hampshire, Detroit and NYC. I say NYC because it is a whole different world down there. It was pretty much look but don’t touch. There would be a meal/ party after the game but then everybody would be back on the bus for the ride home. In my first year of playing, there was a game in Detroit. Most of the coaches refused to go because most of their starters were injured. The owner was able to scrounge up 11 players to go. The team took a bus there. Plane ride was too much money. I still haven’t been on a plane yet. It took over 16 hours to get there. Plus there was road construction and we got there late. No warm ups but we still won the game 26-0. I played Ironman football for 2 hours. Abba gave me strength in that game. We didn’t stay overnight and it took another 16 hours to get home. The team we played next was scared to death of us. My team’s name was called the “Albany Night-Mares” and I wore burgundy and gold. My favorite team is the Washington Redskins. I love them since I was 6. I found an old helmet left behind at one of my uncle's houses he rents to people. The team soon had an adversary the "NY Sharks" The owner for the night-mares use to play for them and their colors were just like the Dallas Cowboys - "Redskin's arch enemy" It's funny how Abba sets things up in our life. I look back and get blown away on how many times I seen his hand working and blessing me in my life.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

"Two wrongs do not make a right"

Way back in 7th grade,@ Sandcreek middle school, I had different classrooms for each subject. In every classroom, I pretty much sat in the same loc and had the same people around me as in homeroom. There were five of us girls in the back and we all got along. Stephanie, Amy, Stacy, Bridget and me helped each other w/ homework and stuff at school. One weekend Stephanie, Amy, Stacy had a sleepover at Bridget’s house. I can’t remember what Amy did at Bridget’s house but it was very embarrassing and Bridget started talking about it loudly in social studies so even the boys could hear. Amy’s face was red and she was humiliated. This went on the whole week and the next one as well. Amy comes up to me and asks me to beat Bridget up several times that week. I kept telling her no way and I’m staying out of it. Almost everybody knew how strong I was and the girls didn’t really bother me for that reason. Bridget kept on making fun of Amy and it was getting worse. Amy starts bugging me again. I finally give up and help her. I am a very analytical person and I always notice things that people don’t observe. I told Amy “I will help you but leave me out of it.” She agreed and then I said to her ”Bridget always comes in and never looks at her seat before sitting down. Take the paper reinforcing circles turn them sticky side up and place them on her seat.”The girls always come in just as the bell rings because they come from the chorus class room. I picked music class because you really don’t want to hear me sing. Anyway, Bridget comes in and sure enough she sits down on all the circles and they all stuck pretty well to her butt. Amy starts to laugh. She blurts out what she did and told them I gave her the idea. Bridget jumps out of her seat and tries to take them off. Stephanie and Stacy try to help her as well and now the whole class is aware of the circles on her butt and they are practically on the floor laughing. Because to 12 year old boys butt still means butt. They get a bathroom pass and take them off. Now I shouldn’t have told Amy to do this and Bridget definitely looks before she sits now but there is a lesson here. Two wrongs do not make a right in any situation. No amount of hate, backbiting and revenge will ever make any situation any better. The only way to make something better is to manifest love, forgiveness and a willingness to move on and work together.