Sunday, May 31, 2009

"Following in my father's footsteps"

When my dad was 8 years old, he would help his older brother Tom with his high school biology homework. My dad was training to be a doctor in the Army and served in the Korean War. My dad got very sick and was honorably discharged. He met my mom several years later. They were both working at the same hospital. On Oct.31, 1997, my dad went in the hospital on Friday night and pass away Tuesday around 11:00am. I was sitting in the kitchen waiting for my mom to take her to the hospital. I saw my dad in his hospital room standing up playing with the monitors (he loved electronic stuff) and a few minutes later the hospital called and said there is not much time left but I knew he had already passed away. When I arrived, I sat in the waiting room while my mom was in the room with him. As I was sitting there crying, Yeshua came and stood next to me on my right side and told me my dad was with my mom right now. One of the things he also said to me was that my dad was proud of me. My fire fighter exam was on that Saturday and I found out I had passed. When I tried to tell him he was so out of it he couldn’t tell me. I talked to my dad several times after he passed away. One of the times, he got to wake me up. Growing up, I never let my dad wake me up. His voice was so scratchy in the morning from smoking that his voice would go right thru me. I needed to go somewhere early the next morning and I asked Abba to help me get up. My dad started calling my name telling me it was time to get up and there was nothing wrong with his voice. Being half awake, I said to him I was up, but then realized that he was no longer here. My dad always wanted one of his kids to become a doctor. My dad (sort of) got his wish, I’m a EMT. The funny thing is that I’m really not like anyone in my family including my mom and dad. The last five years of my dad’s life, I started to get to know him. He also started calling me Tisa. I always wanted to know my real Hebrew name from Abba. I found out about a year ago that Tisa was a Hebrew word and it means “to fly” I know deep down that Abba had my dad start calling me that as a gift to me from my dad. Even though I never really followed in my father’s footsteps, I need to follow Abba’s in his. In Luke 9:23 Yeshua says “If anyone desires to come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow Me.”

Saturday, May 23, 2009

"He knows my name"

People may think I started this blog to help other people. That is really not true but I do hope it does, but the main reason was because back in 2006 my brother Steve and I got into a disagreement. He told me that God is not in my life and does nothing for me. I responded that Abba helps me every single day of my life and that a true personal relationship with him does that. Oh and of course my brother says “prove it!” So that is why I started this blog but like anything in my life I let Abba take over and he shows me what to write. Now I hope people see Abba in my life and I know I don’t expect my brother to suddenly change his ways either but I have hope. This blog also helps me. It's like a devotion journal, it reinforces in me what Abba has done and what he prepares to do in my life. Jeremiah 29:11 says “For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the LORD, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope.”

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

"Very Cool"

When Ray Comfort started his blog. It was just a normal blog. Then all of a sudden a lot of atheists started to flood him w/ questions. Now he has renamed it to "Atheist Central" Who says Abba doesn't have a sense of humor? Here is one of his blogs, Enjoy! :O)

"Atheist Central" - Ray Comfort's Blog
Where did Cain get his wife?

Posted: 19 May 2009 08:58 AM PDT

I was about to speak at an important combined church meeting in Klamath Falls, Oregon, when someone said that an atheist had come in and was sitting in the front row, just in front of the pulpit. I say that it was an "important" meeting because it's not often that local churches come together in unity, so we were hoping everything would run smoothly.

I found out that he was a university student and that he had recently stood up during a previous church service, disrupted it, and had to be escorted from the church. Apparently he had done it to win a six pack of beer. The prize was offered by a group of atheists for anyone who would interrupt a church service. I went out to the auditorium, welcomed him and found out that his name was "Abel."

I then sat on the platform with the pastor and discreetly eyed Abel, as the congregation sang. I couldn’t help but wonder what he would say when he interrupted me. I thought that if the atmosphere became tense, as it often does in such circumstances, I could say that his name was Abel, and that when atheists ask me where Cain got his wife I say, "I would tell you if I was Abel."

During the meet-and-greet time I decided offered Abel my bottle of water, as a small gesture of love for him. He said that he had his own water and that I would probably need mine during the service (probably because my mouth would go dry when he began yelling at me).

It was then that I noticed a small green book in his hand. It was a Gideon New Testament. When he said, "I’m a big fan of The Way of the Master," I asked, "Are you a Christian?" He said, "Yes. I became one this morning."

Needless to say there was no interruption, and after the service we both had a great time of fellowship together. How cool.
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Friday, May 15, 2009


Way back in 1986, when I was 14, there was this show called Knight Rider. My youngest brother Steve was 8yrs old and loved that car. I really didn't start watching it until the 3rd season but back in 86' Abba used that show to save my life. Abba can and will use anything to help anyone.
One night a group of kids from school came over Fri night and asked me to come with them to go to a party. Like any normal teenager you'd think I would jump at a chance to go to a party but I didn't. This is what actually happened, it was close to 8:00pm, Knight Rider was coming on and I didn't want to miss it. The one chance I could have gone and hung out, I choose to watch a TV show. Why would I do that? I should have asked "What was Abba up to?" A few months before my 21st birthday, my mom threw a Memorial Day party and I asked if I could drink. It took me over 5 hours to drink one wine cooler- Why? I started to drink another one but stopped because I went to my sister's house. When I arrived I got very sick and started to throw up. I thought I must have gotten food poisoning but no one else became sick. Later that year football was starting and my favorite team was on TV. I got out of work and bought home some combos and wine coolers for the game. This would be only the second time I drank alcohol. The second I took a sip of that cooler, my head started to pound and I wanted to throw up. Thinking back in my life on how my body reacted with cough syrup and mouth wash, I realized I must be allergic. Now Abba could have let me go to that party, but I know that I wouldn’t be alive today if he did. Abba always has a reason for everything in our life. We may not understand it now, but it will always make sense in the end.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

"Abba in the Center"

About 15 minutes ago there was a strange ambulance call on my fire pager. Outside on my street where I live, there was a call of a man down in a car. The call woke me up out of a being half awake on the couch. Where I live, the houses have some space between them and it is really not a suburb area. As a FF/EMT, I ran out and found no one. At the same time, a police officer showed up and began asking questions. We found the people who called and they explained the man was in his car for over two hours slumped to the side. They knocked on the window and the man stumbled out of the car and went back in. They called an ambulance and the person left before I came out. They said there was no smell of alcohol. Was he too tired to drive? Does he have allergy meds in him? My mind started to race thinking of what was wrong. It took me a while but I did pray for him. That should have been the first thing I did before I left the house. Sometimes we get so caught up in our issues of the day and never have Abba in the center of them. Abba should always be in the center of everything we do including filling out a shopping list. The more we have Abba in the center of the little things, the more we will trust him in the "center" of big things.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

"Wake-up call"

Yesterday morning @ 4:30am, my cat Chance decides he wants some attention and starts to wake me up. I don't respond fast enough and he decides to start pulling my crate on top of the radiator towards him. When Chance wants attention, he will start knocking things off either on my computer desk, kitchen table or in this case my radiator. I have fish tank stuff in that crate along with a 1.5 liter water bottle half filled. The crate flips over and falls on top of me but the water bottle lands without spilling. Chance runs to the bedroom window trying to play innocent. I had forgotten about the water bottle and I proceed to take the crate and flip it right side up spilling the water all over me and it wasn't warm. I now have three extra loads of laundry to do tonight. Sometimes Abba can be very subtle when he wants our attention but if we don't answer he will give us a wake-up call that puts us back in focus on him and they are not fun. Pray, seek him diligently or you just might get that "Wake-up call"