Thursday, October 22, 2009

“This is my destiny”

For the past couple of weeks, I have been trying to finish this blog. At the beginning my thoughts would change and the titles would change. It felt like it was in a holding pattern, nothing was coming out. Plus I have also been busy witnessing in Albany on Friday nights. I felt peaceful even more so because I know I’m doing what Abba wants me to do. I didn’t really care at first, I don’t really need to do a blog all the time anyway but as I was listening to one of Dennis Jernigan’s songs “This Is My Destiny” I started to get that desire to write again. I typed in this title and started working on it that day. I tried getting back to it but things were just popping up taking my time. Then on Tues Oct 20, 2009 me and two other drafters were let go. I’m actually calm about it now but when I got home Tue, I really didn’t want to talk to anybody but my brother Joe, who was thru it before, was downloading everything to me telling me what to do and getting me to start the process that day. Then yesterday, I was called by one of the drafters that was let go and also I had tons of stuff to do, driving all over the place. Then today I got a call from my former boss who wasn’t there that day we were all let go. Also for the past two nights, I have been talking to my 23 year old nephew till 4:00am in the morning. I took care of him since he was 4, I was his surrogate mom at that time and next week he wants to take me to his favorite karaoke/ burrito bar with his friends. Can you imagine me singing in front of people? YIPE! Anyway, so I really haven’t been getting any time to feel sorry for myself, Abba has been pulling me forward whether I like to or not. What is even weirder, I have been with the company 11years 9months. I don’t know, but to me it's just weird. I started drafting for the company on Jan 20, 1998. So finishing this blog today feels like my journal. I don’t know what Abba has in store for me, but knowing what he has already done for me in my life, I can say this with confidence, Abba is up to something. This is part of the beginning of the song “This Is My Destiny” on the We Will Worship Album. Enjoy :O)
“But I don’t half to wait until Heaven to enjoy that intimate relationship. He delights in my presence. His thoughts toward me outnumber the very sands of the sea and before He laid the foundations of the earth, before time began, I was in His mind and He destined me to be His very own and He says this “Child, I know the plans I have for you, plans to give you a hope and a future” oh Lord we love you, we bless you and crown you king. We proclaim that you are the Lord and the destiny of every believer’s heart.