Thursday, March 15, 2012

Nitro Power!

Sorry, it has been awhile since my last blog entry. Since Oct 2011 I have been taking care of my Aunt Shirley every Saturday because my Aunt Agnes had to have heart surgery. Then I was dealing with my med insurance to cover a C-pap machine. They said I should have had it when I was young. My sister would always yank on my nose because of snoring and I keep falling asleep in class in 1st grade. I finally get one in January and the nose mask is causing me to swallow air. I get switch to a full face because I’m considered a mouth breather. Abba always adds humor to everything in my life. I truly can say that, I now look like Horton the Elephant. I was having problems with the mask and sleep was eluding me but now I have a good mask and I do notice things different. I am also under a curfew until July. I need to be in bed by 9pm yipes! If I don’t make the 76% usage my insurance won’t pay. Doh! With all this going on I also joined The Northeastern Nitro’s IWFL football team in the beginning of January, Whew! So the weekends have been filled with my aunt and football and the weekdays I play catch–up. So I have been writing little notes on some post it note paper and saving them. I think I’ll have a book by the time July comes but right now I need to study the plays and get fit. So until then my brain will be in football mode – “Find the ball, get the ball, where’s the ball, find the ball, get the ball……”