Friday, October 12, 2012

Pieces to the puzzle

I love the app "Jigsaw Puzzle" it is pretty small on my IPod touch and was probably made for the iPad but it is still my favorite. I also can use my own pics if I want and listen to my music while playing. It is funny how something so small can be so relaxing. Putting the pieces together and seeing progress.
I think of us as being pieces to Abba's puzzle. Each piece unique in design, only able to fit in that one area making a picture, a reflection of himself. Each one of us specially created to do His work, to do that special task only we can do. No one else was created to do the same thing. At times believers must take on a task that was meant for someone else to do but cannot fulfill it. We all have a special aspect of Abba only we can see and fulfill. We need to come together as one with other believers to connect and share who Abba is. If someone is given a revelation about something and another believer has the same revelation but with a different aspect of it, they are making the revelation more complete. It is sad believers use pride, indifference, rules & regulations to separate His bride. Can you imagine what could happen if the body of Christ came together as one? A bride ready for her husband. Knowing who he is, seeing his heart, having true intimacy, seeing his love for his bride, expecting for the time to come.