Saturday, August 9, 2014

"The Last Christian"

The last time I read a David Gregory book he was working on another. I had forgotten about that then and today I came across one of my pics I made (see  below) and found out its done. So right now I downloaded "The Last Christian" and will be reading it. So AWESOME!

"Quiet time"

A true believer will have praise and worship in their lives, its a given but how many have quiet time with Abba? It is important to have praise & worship to Him but also to just talk to Him, He is your Dad. Today is my dad's birthday, I would love to be able to just talk to him now. I can't wait till I get to see him again but Abba is with me always and I can talk with Him anytime and I don't just mean prayer. It is silly to think we can go about our day without talking to Abba and hearing His Spirit. Isn't that what Yeshua gave to us so we now can be intimate with Abba and seek His will? No one can teach you how to be in His presence, it is a "Heart skill" that means the only way you can be in His presence is thru the spirit and to do that comes from surrendering your will to His thru your heart. It has to come from you. And yes you will know the difference, you just won't sit there and think am I in the spirit now? you brain doesn't function in the spirit only your heart. The intimacy of the early church had gotten lost when people started seeking Abba thru other means, it will only work thru The Spirit. When I quiet down my nefesh and I focus on Abba, not myself, I'm in His presence.
Abba please open the hearts of your people, help them become intimate with you, to know their true dad.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Saturday, August 2, 2014

"Jesus never fails"

Another one, years ago I had trouble finding. Got it on amazon mp3, who knew?  Glad I have it. Enjoy :O)