Monday, April 11, 2016

Perfect storm

Sorry, I haven't been doing the blog lately. Last year the pharmacy thay compounds my thyroid medicine, because I'm allergic to the synthetic thyroid med and fillers, had to change the formula because of government regulations. When they change the formula, it messed me up and the pharmacist wouldn't believe me. It made me very sick for a long time. Finally my doctor stepped in and had them change the formula. The new formula made me even worse and I became even more hyper sensitive to MSG and other chemicals. Also at the same time, I found out my sleep apnea machine hasn't been working properly for over a year. So for almost a year, I've been out of it, sick my stomach and extremely tired. So I haven't really been able to do these blogs but I do have a lot of posts that are incomplete. I just need to finish them. They were able to put me back on my original prescription of rice flour and natural thyroid and I have a new machine now that checks and put my therapy on the computer to track, pretty cool. So I will know now when my machine is acting up.
I went through a lot with this and still don't feel 100% yet, but I know Abba with me. It was really hard wondering why He needed to allow this to happen. No matter what we go through, we need to know that he loves us and is allowing this to happen for whatever reason. We need to trust Him.

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