Friday, November 28, 2008

"Little M&M pt. 3"

I can't believe I'm writing about this again and No, there will not be a part 4. Yes "little m&m" has gotten in the house and yes it was because of me.(sigh) About 3 weeks ago my mom came home and found him in the family room digging into a, just bought a day earlier thought it was safe, brand new bag of peanut m&m's since the last episode. He sees my mom and runs to the windows. She goes over there to open the other window and it jumps off and starts to run up the family room stairs. My mom opens the back door and it runs out. I come home and get an earful. I had no idea how it got in. This happened I think on Tuesday. On Friday I come home from Seeds around 10:30 and go to bed. As I put my arms under my pillow, I feel pieces of something. I automatically think it is Chance's cat treats. He has gotten into his treat bag before and dumped it on my bed. I don't get up and turn on the light, I just push the stuff off my bed to deal with it in the morning and fall asleep. I have been sleeping downstairs on the couch for most of the week because I have been detailing production shop cards for work. I woke up the next morning to a squirrel squeaking on my window screen. As I start to really wake up, I noticed pieces of peanut m&m shells stuck to my arm. I must have left my window screen open and forgot to close it on that Tuesday. My cat Chance likes to go sit on the roof and instead of waiting for him to meow and wake me up, I would leave it open until morning.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

the "tests" of time

I just got back from my Aunt Joan and Uncle Jack's 60th wedding anniversary. WOW 60 years. That is awesome. Their marriage was definitely fire tested but it stood the "tests" of time. Todah Abba for your agape love. It's sad most marriages today don't survive. There are a lot of things out there that hurt marriages. If the foundation isn't created by Yeshua I don't know how it could survive. My Aunt Joan is my mom's older sister. My mom was the baby of the family. She was the flower girl. My grandma Violet O'toole had 15 kids. She had RH neg blood. That alone is a miracle. Only 2 kids passed away soon after birth. My brother and I were named after them. I look a lot like my grandma. My mom had 7 of us but one was a miscarriage. She named him Eric. My dad passed away 11 years ago this month and gave his life to Abba a week before he died. Both sides are very catholic but my mom and aunt are both saved and my brother and two sisters are saved as well. I love the movie "Fireproof" it has helped a lot of marriages. My Mom and Aunt both have Yeshua as their Chief cornerstone and their marriages stood the "tests" of time.

Friday, November 21, 2008

"clutch, clutch, clutch, clutch, clutch”

I always wanted a dirt bike since I was a kid. In 2006 God gave me a strong desire to get a permit. Then last year in June I was driving to work thinking about my motorcycle learner’s permit and how I need to take the safety course for my license but I wanted to practice on a bike first because I didn't want to fail and lose $300.00. Then the Holy Spirit said “What if God got you a bike?” I started to laugh for a second and quickly stopped. I said “I know he can get me the bike but then I would need insurance, title, inspection, all the gear for riding. I just can’t afford it right now.” Several weeks later God got me one. I love it so much. I was driving to work on the same road the Holy Spirit talked to me about getting a bike. I drove past it and knew it was for me. A guy who’s son races was selling a Honda xr 80cc bike. I don’t know how God did it but I was able to scrounge up $700.00 for that bike a week later and within a month I was able to get all my gear for the basic rider course. In Aug. I took the course and passed. God has been impressing upon me to share this in my blog but also the story when I first rode the bike. I don’t know what for but I know he is up to something I just haven’t figured it out yet.
Several weeks later, after I picked up my bike, I needed to ride it that weekend because I wouldn't be able to ride it again for another 3 weeks and my course was fast approaching. I practiced riding it down a hill without the engine running to practice my braking skills and get comfortable with the bike. I have a basic book on motorcycles. It had a buyers guide for beginners and taught how to ride. It was a good book but I have poor reading comprehension. I failed 6th grade because of it. I also went online because I wanted to prepare and make sure I knew what I need to do. The previous owner was going to teach me how to ride it but I chicken out and said I’ll figure it out. It was on Sunday around 1:00pm, people were leaving the Baptist church across the street. After being online for the whole morning reading about it, I thought I was ready. There is a hill on the side of the duplex I live in. I took the bike down the hill and sat on it next to the garage. With my helmet and gloves on I started the bike. I let go of the clutch too quick and took off fast. It didn't stall. I’m over 300lbs. I didn't expect the bike to go so fast in 1st gear. An army of acrobatic clowns could be on it and it would still go fast. At the same time the Holy Spirit was yelling “clutch, clutch, clutch, clutch, clutch, clutch, clutch” I was so shocked. I couldn’t think. I yelled “where the hell is the clutch?”(sorry, yes I did swear). He showed me my hand grabbing the clutch. I then grab the clutch but the bike wasn’t slowing down fast enough. Both feet were off the pegs. I thought I was going to stop in the street and get hit by one of the cars leaving. The Holy Spirit was telling me to use the front brake but I thought I would flip over. Somehow the bike slowed down and stopped before the street. I was so relieve I started to take my hands off the handlebars to put them on my legs but the bike was still on and in first gear. The bike bolted again for about 6” and just shut off. For some stupid reason I tried starting it again but the bike wouldn't start. I drag it up the hill and place it in front of the kitchen windows. I go back online to try and figure out what I did wrong. I went back out around 7:00pm. My brother Steve comes home and I ask him to come watch just in case something happens. He doesn’t come back until 20 min later. He finally comes back and I try starting it again. I couldn’t get it to start. Steve even tries and he can’t. I have about 15 min left until it gets too dark. I give up and bring it back to the front of the kitchen windows. I start to carefully look over the bike wondering why it didn’t start. I noticed the fuel petcock was turned off. I start blaming my brother for turning it off but realized he wasn’t the one that turned it off. At that moment Yeshua says to me ”You know you have 10 minutes left why don’t you try it now?” I said “ummmm it’s hot.. I’m tired and I don’t want to drag it up the hill again.” He says “Oh.. ok.” As if to say "sure.. whatever you say."

Thursday, November 13, 2008


About 10 years ago I went to my baby brother's church. They did a lot of plays there. My brother Steve is no longer saved. Please pray for him. He knows the bible very well but uses the excuse that there are too many contradictions in the bible. He likes to read a lot of philosophy books and books that degrade Abba. He enters a lot of chess tournaments. His brain is very methodical. I’m analytical in my thought process but I have a hard time explaining things. So he thinks I’m just quoting what a preacher would say but I have hope. I know God loves him and will heal his hardened heart. The days ahead are going to get more evil and I think this moment will be a testimony in his life. When he gives his life back to God he will be even more surer of his salvation and be a stronger witness for the harshest of unbelievers.
Anyway one day back then, I was washing the dishes and he comes into the kitchen. We started to talk about the songs in the plays at his church (he played the guitar and piano there). We started goofing off and made a oompa loompa song. Steve no longer wants to be associated with this song but I know this song we made will still help someone.

Oompa Loompa, do-ba-dee-doo,
I’ve got a perfect puzzle for you.
Oompa Loompa, do-ba-dah-dee,
If you are wise you’ll listen to me.
What do you get when you’re living in sin?
A trip to hell and you’ll never win.
So turn to GOD and forsake you’re ways
He will guide you in all your days.

Then you’ll be...
Then you’ll be...
Then you’ll be in Heaven
Oompa Loompa do-ba-dee-dah,
If you live godly you will go far.
You will live in happiness too,
Like the oompa loompa do-ba-dee-doo.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

"Just Suck It Up and Go For It"

This cartoon came from my work’s newsletter. I’m not sure where they got it from but it’s still funny. It made me think of God being inside us and No, we are not his puppets but true believers that have a free will and can choose. When true believers repent of their sins and accept God to be Lord of their life “Yeshua will baptize them with the Holy Spirit and fire.” See Mathew ch3vs 11.The Ruach HaKodesh (ROO-akh hak-koh-DESH) Holy Spirit dwells inside us. In 1 Corinthians ch6 vs 19 “do you not know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you, whom you have from God, and you are not your own?” In Mark 13:10-12, God wants us to go out and preach the gospel. The Holy Spirit will speak for us. God sees what’s in other people’s hearts and knows what they need to hear. Abba has been getting on my case about this lately. I have been putting it off. I have no problem going in and knocking down a fire but put me in front of a person who doesn’t believe? I would like to run to a nearest rock (or in my case boulder) I am such a chicken. Don’t ask me what I’m afraid of. I have no idea. Everybody at my work knows I’m a Christian but when God wants me to witness to a complete stranger I turn into a whiner baby. What makes it worse is my church really doesn’t have a team to go out and do it. It’s easy when God has me witness to people that I know but with strangers God needs me to Just Suck It Up and Go For It.